the seempli starter kit

day 15: some prism magic


Hi ,

It is the last day of part 3 of the seempli Starter Kit, and we have a special game to celebrate it with!

Our creative challenge for today might take some time to do, but it is pure creative fun. Today we are going to use the Chain Reaction Prism.


Start the day by picking a random Seed either from the previous days. Find an Insight inspired by the Seed and capture it.

The next step is where the magic happens: forget the original Seed and look at the Insight you have captured. Dive into it. Explore it. Give it a title and then carry it with you wherever you go next. Look around you and find a new Insight inspired by your first one.

Note, that after capturing the first Insight, the original Seed doesn’t play any additional role in this activity (at least not consciously). Instead, the Insight you found is used as a new Seed for the next exploration.

Try repeating this at least five times: each Insight you capture should be used as a Seed for the next discovery. By the end of the day, you should have six photos, each created as an association on the previous one.

Using a Prism such as Chain Reaction works great also in a group setup. Imagine asking each member of a group to use the Insight captured by another member as a Seed for their exploration. Creating such a chain of Insights between group members, whether it is in class, a team at work, or just between friends or family, is a great way to connect to how others see the world.

Try doing this activity with your friends or family. Rediscover the world and each other.

Boost Your Play

Prisms are great enhancers to the creativity game. With the seempli Prisms, we are constantly changing the game, its setup, and the constraints under which we play.

Although some of the Prisms might sound more challenging, maybe even difficult, try using them especially when you are feeling stuck with a Seed. They just might spark some new idea.

The combination of Seeds and Prisms creates an infinite number of opportunities for discovery and creativity using seempli, so the fun is really endless.