the seempli starter kit

day 16: the more the merrier


Hi ,

In the third part of our Starter Kit, we took the creativity game further in several ways. First, we introduced a new type of Prisms: the seempli Words Prisms, to add some creative writing challenges to the game. The Storify Prism we used added a new step to the game in the form of coming up with a short text inspired by the visual Insight we capture.

On the last day of the week, we used a new Play Prism. The Chain Reaction Prism didn’t add a constraint or set a new context to our creative challenge. Instead, it defined a new mini-game which starts with a Seed but goes to a whole new world of associations in the steps that follow.

As the case is with all Prisms, you can use the two Prisms we used this week with any Seed to spice up the game. The seempli platform includes hundreds of Seeds and dozens of Prisms, so the combinations are endless.

In the next and final part of this starter kit, we are going to use some Seeds not only for observing the external world but also for reflecting on our internal one. We are also to spice up our game by playing together!

Almost all seempli Prisms can be used to play with in a group. Whether it is a class, a group of friends, a team at work, or your family, playing seempli together is a great way to ignite group creativity, as well as to get to know how other people see the world. It can be a truly enlightening experience and, of course, loads of fun.

So for the next five days, assemble a group of at least four people including yourself. Explain to them shortly the basic concepts of seempli, and show them a couple of examples. You can create a WhatsApp group (or something similar) for sharing Insights throughout the week. We promise you this will be the most fun group you are part of 🙂

Now we are ready to start.

The Seed for today is all about music. Only this time you get to choose the song which will act as inspiration.


Now let’s turn this Seed into a group play: Share this Seed with the members of the group and ask them to share a visual Insight based on the song they chose. Instruct everyone not to share the name of the song that inspired them. Once someone shares a visual Insight, the others should try to guess the name of the song that triggered it. Finally, the person who captured the Insight can reveal the name of the song and explain the association that led them to the specific Insight.

As always, don't settle with one Insight. The group can play this game throughout the day. It will be the best together-time ever.

By sharing Insights, you get a fantastic glimpse into other people’s mind. It is not often we do that, and it can be a powerful experience. At the same time, it is sheer fun.