the seempli starter kit

day 18: story time


Hi ,

Remember how in the previous part we used Seeds and our Insights to create short stories? Well, today we are going to try something similar but as a group!


For today’s activity, pick one of the Seeds we used or click the Story Time card and play with the random that appears. Share it with your group and ask everyone to capture and share visual Insights inspired by the Seed.

After each member of the group shared at least one Insight, work together as a team to create a short story inspired by all the Insights. You can either brainstorm together online or decide that each member of the group contributes one sentence inspired by one of the Insights. The only two rules are that everyone has to contribute some text and that all Insights must be used.

Sounds fun? Let's play!

Boost Your Play

seempli Gears (as the one above) are just like Prisms, but each of them is designed to help you achieve a certain goal like Generating Ideas, Spice Up Learning, Being Present, or Practice Group Creativity.

You can pick a goal from the seempli me toolbox and you will get a machine Gear to play with.