the seempli starter kit



Hi ,

My name is Lidor Wyssocky. I'm the creator of seempli. We are about to start our creative workout, and I promise you an experience like no other. But just before we start, please allow me one short personal note.

I would like to start this journey by thanking you for being part of it. The Internet is swamped with people, companies, and organizations that just beg for a tiny bit of your attention. And yet you chose to be here and take part in something slightly different. I don't take this for granted. I hope you will enjoy this joint journey and make the most of it.

seempli is a game designed to spark creativity and imagination. There are no rules, just open invitations to explore the world around you mindfully, and then imagine and create based on what you see.

So, without further ado, let's start with the goal of the seempli Starter Kit Training.

I've created seempli to help people and organizations igniting their creativity by seeing the world differently. I believe our future depends on our ability to see things differently, not taking anything for granted, and developing our unique creative voice. That is the core of creativity, and we need to nurture it.

The seempli Starter Kit Training is designed to help start this creative journey by practicing the seempli gameplay and turning it into a habit. During the next three weeks, you will experience dozens of activities based on the seempli platform and will get to know the different kinds of Seeds and Prisms. Consider that an extensive intro to the seempli platform. Following this intro, you will be able to continue playing with seempli and take it to a whole new level.

The seempli platform is constantly growing and expanding, so you will always have new and surprising opportunities for exploration, imagination, and creativity.

If you joined seempli as part of a team, don't forget to share your Insights with your team. The more you share, the greater the fun is!

I can promise you that taking an active part in the daily challenges will be an eye-opening experience. Apart from enriching your creative toolbox, it will change how you see the world. And that is essentially our goal.

OK! That's enough introductions for now. We are ready to start! The Starter Kit activities are available at this page. Try to make the most of each activity before you move to the next one.

One last thing. If you have any question, idea, insight, or comment along the way, please feel free to contact us directly. Your feedback is essential to the continuous improvement of the seempli platform. Please drop us an email at discover [at] seempli [dot] com, or via our contact page.

I hope you are as excited as I am. Ready to start? Here we go!