Open Space

Are you working in an open space? No, I don’t mean the physical cubicles. Are you working in an open environment? Do you have the space to be creative, to take risks, and to fail?

The Creative Butterfly Effect

One of the coolest things about the creative “process” is its randomness. Regardless of the many attempts to capture creativity as a process, I find it more effective to think of it as quite a random mess.

What Makes Good Raw Material

Many people try to describe creativity as a process. I don’t think we can (or need) to formalize it using a process language. There isn’t any predefined list of steps we can follow that will guarantee creative results. But creativity does share one important attribute with processes: without input, there won’t be any output.

Get in Rhythm

Back in 2012, I launched a website designed to publish a single photo each day – a photograph taken somewhere in Tel-Aviv. I planned it as a year-long project, but eventually, it ran for four years. Some photos were great, some were just plain. But what was essential for me to was to create something …

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