habit zero #022

the challenge   Today, I am on a special assignment: a creative exploration on an art museum. You might wonder why is that even a challenge. Isn’t an art museum the place to see creative work? Well, yes. But that doesn’t mean we — the viewers — don’t play an important part in the game. …

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habit zero #008

Drawing by Etamar Wyssocky  the challenge   Today I decided to do something different. Instead of picking a Prism and a Seed, I played with a seempli eXperience card.

Layered Creativity

It starts with an empty wall. At least, it appears to be empty. Created from bricks or cement, it is bound to have a texture and possibly some paint strokes on it. They might not be apparent at first, but they are there. Then, just before the night turns into the morning when the streets …

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