Fifty Shades of Failure

Once upon a time everybody wanted to succeed. Failure was not an option. Except that it was. So, at some point, someone came with the innovative idea that failure is an inherent part of the creative process. Everyone was relieved because it is a well-known scientific fact that failure is the default outcome of any …

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Against the Stream

Most organizations in the world aim to be innovative. Without a doubt, they demand their employees to be creative. At least so they say. Many of these organizations, however, fail to provide their employees the right settings for creativity and innovation to flourish.

The Element of Surprise (or the Next-Gen Kindle)

If you follow the seempli Daily Creative Challenge, chances are you came across The Next Kindle challenge. Based on the Next-Gen Prism we defined the following challenge: think of an upgrade or a redesign of the Kindle. As inspiration, we picked a random seempli Seed, and this is what we got:

Creativity is Messy

Right now as you read this article, numerous people and organizations around the world are eager to break their creativity ceiling. They want to innovate. They need to innovate. They realize their future depends on their ability to come up with something new (or radically different) and valuable. Whether it is a new product or …

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Imaginative Project Management

What does imagination have to do with Project Management? Well, you’d be surprised! Many projects are planned as if everything is expected. It’s a natural tendency which is backed up by the common tools used by Project Managers.

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