Random Bliss

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When I started my way as an urban photographer, I tried to maximize the potential of each photo-walk by planning my route carefully in advance. Back in those days, I was going out with the intent to find beautiful things to capture. And the guidelines for what is considered “a beautiful thing” were fairly straightforward. It included geometrical shapes, patterns, well-thought-of structures, and symmetry (or well-designed asymmetry). There was always room for surprises, but all in all, I usually got what I was looking for. Everything else was in my blind spot. These manmade structures fascinated me because they represented total control. First by the people who created them, and then by me. Carefully planning what to capture, waiting for the right time, using the optimal settings of my camera, and looking for the perfect angle. And then one day, while looking for that perfect angle to capture a beehive-like building, I stumbled upon this broken glass tile. And I was hypnotized. It was the complete opposite of what I was set to capture. It was an anomaly, and not a designed one, but rather a purely random one. And within it, there was a universe of random details. It … Read More

habit zero #126

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Our assignment today is to capture order within chaos. Look for things neatly arranged in a chaotic environment, or disorder that looks organized when seen from a different perspective or from a distance.

The Nature of Things

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creative Challenge

When you look mindfully at things, you often realize they as simple as they might look at first. Today we are going to look for chaos in structure.

The Creative Butterfly Effect

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One of the coolest things about the creative “process” is its randomness. Regardless of the many attempts to capture creativity as a process, I find it more effective to think of it as quite a random mess.