habit zero #095

the challenge   Our mission today involves taking a walk in memory lane using a family album. Can you imagine creative Insights hiding among your old photos? Well, it’s a perfect playground for our creative challenge and an opportunity to see things we haven’t notice before (or just see things differently). The Seed we are …

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habit zero #093

the challenge   It’s a perfect sunny day here in Israel, despite the low morning temperature. So, it is a great opportunity to go out on a short hike in nature. I am taking with me the Dr. Seuss Seed, and with this quote on it, surprises are guaranteed!

habit zero #046

the challenge   Every now and then I play with a seempli eXperience instead of a creative challenge. Experiences are essential to creativity. They provide raw material for creation, for new thoughts and ideas, and for surprising connections. The major difference between playing with an eXperience and a creative exploration play mode is that we …

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habit zero #027

the challenge   After our art-based exploration mini-series we are back in the real world. I will use the core Exploration Prism today and the Seed I got with it is the Vulnerable Seed.

habit zero #021

the challenge   Memory Lane is a Seed with more than a title — it includes some instructions. In this case I should capture an Insight inspired by a childhood memory. With this Seed I got a Constraint Prism instructing me to make sure the Insight I capture uses lighting as an important element in …

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habit zero #004

the challenge   I am on in an exploration mode again today, looking for things inspired by the Time Tunnel Seed. I have to admit, this is one of the Seed I use most in workshops. So I doubted my ability to surprise myself. Armed with the Seed in mind, I went out for some …

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