habit zero #057

the challenge   Just in case you are following this open journal and wondering how I pick the Prism and the Seed every day, the answer is simple: it’s not me who pick them. I draw the Prism and the Seed (or Seeds) from the combinations generated by the Master Your Creativity channel. In other …

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Imagination On Hold

If you have kids or if you are working with kids, chances are you intuitively know what Dr. George Land found in his research: we are all born creative. Imagination is not merely an ability we all have. As young children, imagination is an essential part of our lives. Imagination, combined with observation, is how …

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Two Meters Apart

Nine months ago my third child was born. My middle child was almost eight years old at the time, so I was quite unprepared to the amount of time I would spend… on the floor. The time we are spending together is spent either with him on my hands, or with me on the floor. And …

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