Five Tips for Leading an Amazing Workshop

Lidor WyssockyBlog

The first time I stood in front of a room full of people doing a presentation I was terrified. There were a few dozens of people in the audience, most of whom I didn’t know. I knew what I wanted to say, the presentation was ready, and I even had some cool props. Still, I had in front of me a room full of people and I had to make them (and keep them) interested for the next sixty minutes. And it was not trivial. Years (and presentations) later – enough to make me believe I know what I’m doing, I found myself in front of a group of fifteen people, but this time not as a presenter. It was a workshop, and I had to drive the participants to immediate action. I had to make them get up from their chairs, take an active part in the activities, hopefully do them with real intent (otherwise they won’t work), and have fun during this process, not feeling they are forced to do something they didn’t feel comfortable with. It didn’t matter how well I knew the plan, and how well I could present the key points. I knew that if the participant … Read More