habit zero #048

the challenge   The Seed I picked today for my creative exploration is the Chameleon Seed. The most immediate association it creates is of something that changes colors (although, as you might guess, this is just one possible association). With that in mind, I went out to observe.

habit zero #041

the challenge   Today I decided to play a little more with the Remix Seed and the Colorize Prism. But unlike what I did yesterday, today I decided to write something instead of looking for a visual insight. So, let’s add to this mix another constraint: writing an ultra short story with exactly 50 words …

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habit zero #040

the challenge   Today I am playing with the Colorize Prism which introduces an arbitrary constraint to the creative exploration. My challenge is to capture an Insight inspired by the Seed’s title, but at the same time, the Insight must include a touch of the color of the Seed.

habit zero #033

the challenge   I love this song by Suzanne Vega. And my love for it starts with its title. It’s enigmatic and sad, and it makes me wonder and imagine. Whether or not you know the song, this title makes a perfect Seed. So, today I will play with it and see if I can …

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habit zero #015

the challenge   The creative task I did yesterday started with three Seeds, which inspired three Insights, which in turn helped me write a short story. Compared to that, my challenge for today is super-simple: a creative exploration based on a single Seed: the Pastel Seed. But this does not mean that this challenge will …

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