habit zero #109

the challenge   We are on a special assignment today. What seems to be a super-open challenge has, in fact, a very concrete goal: to make someone smile. How? By taking a single photo and showing it to them. Whether it is a photo of yourself, or of something you see, or something you create… …

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habit zero #108

the challenge   Today we will dive into a new playground — one we didn’t play in till now: a book. The Pulp Fiction Prim sends you to explore a fiction book you are reading (or one you read recently) and use the Seed as a trigger for gaining a new Insight about the story. …

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Reality Check

I walk down an unnaturally empty street. I hear nothing but my footsteps. It’s hot and foggy. I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. Suddenly I hear a familiar voice, singing. The singing is not clear at first. I can barely understand the words. But as I walk further, I start to smile. The …

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