habit zero #007

the challenge   The challenge for today is based on the Traffic Light Prism — a Prism adding a constraint we must address when searching for or creating an Insight. So today I am looking for three Insights — each of them with one traffic light color playing a significant role. And all Insights should …

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habit zero #002

the challenge   It’s 6AM and the challenge I got today is based on the Technicolor Prism. The guidelines are simple: I should capture an Insight based on the color of the Seed card while ignoring its text. That’s not the default play-mode with seempli, and that’s exactly why this is going to be interesting. …

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To Infinity and Beyond

Until a few years ago, whenever I’ve heard a statement like “anything is possible,” or “the sky is the limit,” or something along these lines, I felt uncomfortable. Of course, many things are possible. Of course, theoretically, the sky is the limit. But what does that have to do with the concrete problem I should …

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