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“Cover band? What do you want to be in a cover band for?” He tried to explain it dozens of times to his father. He just didn’t get it. When their van entered the empty driveway of the Brookside Theatre, he tried to explain it to himself. It was a small gig in a small town. It was more of a community center than a theatre. The hall was so small you could walk from door to stage in ten steps. 120 foldable chairs were arranged in ten rows. The ceiling was so low he could almost touch it. And the soundman came with the place. Backstage, which was more of a side-stage, he held a small mirror in his left hand, and carefully put on his makeup with the right. He heard the people starting to fill the small hall and dragging their chairs. In ten minutes his band will take the stage. When the audience is big enough, there’s energy in the air no-one can (or wants to) resist. With 120 people in a community center, you just cannot know how it will be like. These people are here because of their memories. He and his friends are … Read More

habit zero #139

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

one thing I observed   It’s common to find bicycles around the city. People are locking their bikes to practically anything. It is also not rare to find bicycle parts locked, like a wheel or the frame of the bikes. But this was the first time I saw not one but two wheels, placed one on top of the other, chained to a strange-looking wooden structure. They looked like they were there for a while, which made me wonder, why locking the two wheels (which are easier to carry than the frame) and where exactly is the frame. And this is when I started to imagine… one thing I thought of   Maybe these wheels are not part of a bicycle after all. Perhaps they are part of two unicycles. Imagine a strange couple riding on two unicycles, and then dismantling their wheels and locking them when they arrive at their destination. Are they acrobats? Maybe they leave in the smallest apartment and could not store two bicycles? Or perhaps they could not afford to buy two regular bikes? The things we observe make us wonder. And the combination of exploring something and wondering about it can lead to imagining … Read More

habit zero #112

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Let me start with a confession. Sometimes I think of a Prism or a Seed, and I know they have great value even before I try them myself. And when I eventually do try them, it often starts with the words: “What was I thinking?!” Not because they don’t have value, but because I don’t know how to approach them. At first. The Prism we will play with today is one of those Prisms. I knew it had to work, but when I first played with it, I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge.

habit zero #081

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Today we are playing with a special challenge. To start with, it is seedless. Here’s the deal: you need to pick an object — something you can actually see in front of you or maybe even pick up — and describe it as if this is the first time you see it. For obvious reasons, I chose… my keyboard. Now, I’m working hard trying to ignore the fact that I am using it, and treat it as a strange, unfamiliar object.

habit zero #054

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Today is writing day, and our prompt is the Sugar Free Seed. Our assignment is to write a very short story (or any other text) inspired by the Seed.

habit zero #052

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   The Prism we are playing with today is called Super Glue, and it will take us both on a creative writing assignment and on a creative exploration. The first part of the challenge is writing an ultra-short story with exactly 50 words which includes the titles of both Seeds: Time Standing Still and Opportunity. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of 50-Word Stories, you can look it up, but basically what you need to know is that the story should be made of exactly 50 words — no more and no less. How can you squeeze a meaningful idea into exactly 50 words? Well, that’s part of the challenge! The second part of today’s assignment is to capture an Insight inspired by the story.

habit zero #041

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Today I decided to play a little more with the Remix Seed and the Colorize Prism. But unlike what I did yesterday, today I decided to write something instead of looking for a visual insight. So, let’s add to this mix another constraint: writing an ultra short story with exactly 50 words — no more and no less. And of course the story should be inspired by the Remix Seed and by the color of the Seed.

habit zero #034

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge One insight I captured yesterday just didn’t want to let go. It intrigued me. It sparked my imagination — not with something concrete, but more with a feeling or an atmosphere. Luckily, the Storify Prism channels this notion and turn it into a creative Insight. When playing with it, we should take a visual Insight we captured and use it as a trigger — a Seed — for a short story. I can’t say the following Insight qualifies as short story. But this is where my imagination took me when I stared at the blue lock against the white tiled wall. my insight   The small white square tiles were designed to look sterile. Somehow they screamed the opposite. Maybe it was their poor condition — some were broken, some were just anything but clean. Maybe it was that some were just brutally reshaped into rectangles. Maybe. Or perhaps it was the large old lock that nobody has bothered to use for years. It was locked, but it wasn’t locking anything. There was no reason to. If there once was, there was nobody around to remember it. Or anything else or that matter. It was quiet as if … Read More

habit zero #027

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   After our art-based exploration mini-series we are back in the real world. I will use the core Exploration Prism today and the Seed I got with it is the Vulnerable Seed.

habit zero #014

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   The challenge generated for me today differs from the ones we did in the past two weeks. It is a combination of creative exploration and creative writing. The point is not to write a good story — I can’t imagine that I could — but rather to experience working with a different medium. For the Short Story Prism we need three Seeds. The first step in this game is to capture one visual Insight inspired by each Seed. The second step is to write a short story based on the three visuals.