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“Cover band? What do you want to be in a cover band for?” He tried to explain it dozens of times to his father. He just didn’t get it. When their van entered the empty driveway of the Brookside Theatre, he tried to explain it to himself. It was a small gig in a small town. It was more of a community center than a theatre. The hall was so small you could walk from door to stage in ten steps. 120 foldable chairs were arranged in ten rows. The ceiling was so low he could almost touch it. And the soundman came with the place. Backstage, which was more of a side-stage, he held a small mirror in his left hand, and carefully put on his makeup with the right. He heard the people starting to fill the small hall and dragging their chairs. In ten minutes his band will take the stage. When the audience is big enough, there’s energy in the air no-one can (or wants to) resist. With 120 people in a community center, you just cannot know how it will be like. These people are here because of their memories. He and his friends are … Read More

habit zero #144

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

one thing I observed   Few things can be more visually satisfying than a contrast — a conflict between two visually distinct things. When I saw this plant with this striking background, I just had to stop and capture it. The contrast is spawned across multiple dimensions: the colors, the textures, and the life and apparent flow of the leaf vs. the stillness of the wall. All these different aspects create a tension between the leaf and its background, but it is such a tension you cannot take your eyes off. In a sense, these two subjects are a perfect match. one thing I thought of   Opposites often attract to each other. But sometimes contrasting concepts or objects become even more powerful by the presence of their counterparts. The contrasting object often enhances the features of the second one and makes its uniqueness more apparent. And isn’t that what being a perfect couple is all about? By looking for a contrast, or an opposite concept, we can discover something new about things we think we already know. The contrasting concept is acting as an amplifier to unexpected aspects which we might not initially notice. The same idea can be … Read More

habit zero #143

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

one thing I observed   I found this lovely street art near a grand parking lot in Tel-Aviv. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the artist name, but these amazingly simple abstract figures are practically scattered all around the southern parts of the city. Typically, they are much smaller, but this couple was seen from quite a distance. But it was only when I got closer that I saw the black motorcycle decorating the scene. It was a perfect addition to the frame. In fact, it added a kind of a background story to it. It gave the figures a new context. Are they lovers running away? Is one of them about to ride into the sunset, leaving the other behind? What do you think? one thing I thought of   It’s amazing how an ordinary detail — something you see or even use every day — can spice up an idea or something you are creating. The accidental (or intentional) addition of the motorcycle above, gave this artwork a new life and more than one possible new meanings. If it were replaced with a different object, the story would have changed. The same idea can be applied to areas other than … Read More

habit zero #142

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

one thing I observed   one thing I thought of   One easy way to turn an everyday object to something more enigmatic, unusual, or just something that catches one’s attention is by duplicating it. Somehow, the simple act of placing two identical or nearly identical objects in the same frame makes us stop for a second and pay closer attention. And strangely enough, sometimes when you are facing a problem, and you are trying to come up with a creative solution, duplicating the problem opens up new possibilities and offers fresh perspectives. Sounds strange? Try it! one thing to go   Look around you for twin objects. Try placing familiar objects in pairs, in the same frame. Try duplicating a problem you are trying to solve and reflect on what this does to the solution space.  

habit zero #140

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

one thing I observed   I found these floor tiles in an Italian restaurant, and I could not stop staring at them. In retrospect, I realized these tiles are not really hand-drawn. Maybe the patterns printed on them have initially been hand-made, but then they were scanned and replicated. But the first impression I had when seeing it (a feeling that lasted for long minutes) was that someone had actually painted these patterns, one by one, on the floor. Either way, the effect this design has created was astounding. It was so fresh and unique, just as you’d expect something created by hand would have. one thing I thought of   Mass production items dominate our life. Most of what we own is created replicated numerous times. As much as something seems original at first, it soon becomes boring just because we see so many replicas of it around us. But there’s more to it. Even if we own a truly unique item, chances are it is not really “ours.” We can relate to it, we can love it, but it is not part of us — we were not the ones who created it. How about changing that? How … Read More

habit zero #137

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

one thing I observed   I met this cat while taking a walk with my son in Tel-Aviv. To be honest, I was not the one who saw it. I was hypnotized by the giant, colorful graffiti cat. I was so tuned into it, that I didn’t see anything else, let alone the tri-color cat standing in the entrance of the building. “Look at that cat,” my son said, and I was like “well, obviously, I am.” But then he pointed out the real cat, and I was so shocked that I managed to miss it, that he almost ran out of the frame before I managed to capture this photo. one thing I thought of   I love coincidences. Don’t we all? Our pattern-oriented brain feels rewarded when we witness such a surprising connection. It surprises our mind to find a pattern in the chaotic world surrounding us. But on another level, coincidences are created in our brain. It is our brain that makes the connection between two things that just happen to be in front of us at the same time. True, in some cases, the association is pretty apparent — just like these two cats. But in … Read More

habit zero #135

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Today we are playing In Reverse — an open invitation to look around us and capture anything that we find interesting. Then, we will use the Insight we capture to come up with a new Seed — one we can play with in the future. Here’s what I came up with. my insight   I had a day off, so my wife and I decided to spend the day in Jerusalem. It’s been quite a while since we visited Jerusalem, and in a sense, it was like traveling abroad. The sights, the smells, and the sounds were ones we are not accustomed to, so we had plenty of opportunities to experience and observe. And, so we found ourselves under these famous colorful umbrellas in a beautiful little street in the center of the city. I couldn’t resist taking a photo, and about one hour later I was glad that I had. In a completely different location, I found a small stand outside of an old shop selling colorful Jewish Kippas. They reminded me of the umbrellas in color and shape, but what was even more important is that both of them are used to cover the person … Read More

habit zero #134

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   It’s been quite a while since the last Habit Zero entry. If you are wondering why, I invite you to visit and start reading a new project I am working on in parallel. So, today, we have a special treat with a fun Maker Prism. Instead of creative exploration, the Tick Tock Prism challenges us to design (or even create) a clock inspired by the Seed. It is up to you to decide if you interpret this challenge as merely decorating a clock in the spirit of the Seed, or rethinking the concept of a clock from the ground up. The idea of the Tick Tock Prism is not to come up with something practical. Any idea, as crazy as it gets, is excellent, as long as it could be titled “A Clock.” For inspiration, have a look at these crazy clocks created by Mateen Baas. Ready? Time is ticking… my insight   So… Lost in Translation… When I saw this Seed, my first thought was focused on the word Translation. I thought of a clock showing the time as text, as opposed to using digits, and using a different language every minute. 11:23 will be … Read More

habit zero #130

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Today, we are going on a creative exploration with the Broken Seed. Look for things which are broken either on the surface or only when you examine them carefully. Later when reflecting on the Insight you captured, try to think about how it can be used as a metaphor for something else, from a different domain. my insight   I was so lucky to find this mirror, perfectly broken, and reflecting the sky and the tree under which it was lying. At first, I didn’t notice it was broken. The pieces blended perfectly with the branches of the tree. When I did see the anomalies in the reflection, it made the reflection look surreal — like reality itself is broken to pieces. reflection   A powerful way to use random Insights you capture is as triggers for reflection. One way to do that is by trying to think of them as metaphors. Take for example the Insight I captured today. Can you use this broken reflection of reality as a metaphor for some aspect in your life or in a project you are involved in? Can it be used to shed new light on a problem you … Read More

habit zero #129

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

This post includes a contribution by Tom Harris. the challenge     I wanted to do this for a long time as part of Habit Zero, but somehow I didn’t. Like many great things, what happened today was not planned — it just happened, and I am grateful for my friend Tom Harris for that. So, today we are playing Ping Pong, and for that you’d have to choose a friend or a family member to play with. It starts with a creative exploration inspired by a Seed. Once you have an Insight, share it with your friend and ask them to use it as inspiration for their Insight. Ready to play? Let’s go. ~~my~~ our insights   This beautiful day started with a creative exploration in Tel-Aviv. Most of the time, I just looked around for interesting things, but from time to time I picked a Seed to play with. When I played with the Flag Seed, I found this amazing blue circle on a ceiling. I called it: Japan in Blue. I didn’t plan to play with the Ping Pong Prism today, but as I often do, I shared my Insight with a friend (I just had to … Read More