The Seempli Lenses

By now seempli includes dozens of seeds, each can be used as a pair of glasses to see a unique detail or dimension of the world around us. Each of the seempli seeds is self-contained. There’s no particular order for using the seeds. Picking up a random seed has an element of surprise to it – it’s …

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“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”  — Dorothea Lange What if I told you that you carry a magical device with you wherever your go. It can record reality, but it can also create one. It can capture stories, but it can also trigger the creation of new ones. It can help …

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Can you see something which isn’t there?

The process of observing the world is amazing. It starts optically with light reflected by objects captured in our eyes. But that’s just the beginning. It is our mind that does all the real work from that point onward: interpreting the signals, associating it with familiar memories and experiences, and sometimes even complementing the picture with things which aren’t …

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