habit zero #137

one thing I observed   I met this cat while taking a walk with my son in Tel-Aviv. To be honest, I was not the one who saw it. I was hypnotized by the giant, colorful graffiti cat. I was so tuned into it, that I didn’t see anything else, let alone the tri-color cat …

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habit zero #135

the challenge   Today we are playing In Reverse — an open invitation to look around us and capture anything that we find interesting. Then, we will use the Insight we capture to come up with a new Seed — one we can play with in the future. Here’s what I came up with. my …

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habit zero #134

the challenge   It’s been quite a while since the last Habit Zero entry. If you are wondering why, I invite you to visit and start reading a new project I am working on in parallel. So, today, we have a special treat with a fun Maker Prism. Instead of creative exploration, the Tick …

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habit zero #130

the challenge   Today, we are going on a creative exploration with the Broken Seed. Look for things which are broken either on the surface or only when you examine them carefully. Later when reflecting on the Insight you captured, try to think about how it can be used as a metaphor for something else, …

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habit zero #129

This post includes a contribution by Tom Harris. the challenge     I wanted to do this for a long time as part of Habit Zero, but somehow I didn’t. Like many great things, what happened today was not planned — it just happened, and I am grateful for my friend Tom Harris for that. …

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habit zero #127

the challenge   Yesterday we played with the Natural Order Seed. My Insight was derived from one possible interpretation of the Seed: I found order in a chaotic and random environment. But you couldn’t see this in the Insight itself since the context was not part of it. So today we will play again with …

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habit zero #126

the challenge   Our assignment today is to capture order within chaos. Look for things neatly arranged in a chaotic environment, or disorder that looks organized when seen from a different perspective or from a distance.

habit zero #125

the challenge   It’s open creative exploration day, so look out for anything unusual — anything that catches your attention would make excellent raw material for imagining and reflecting.

habit zero #122

the challenge   We’re on a three-day quest for defining our ethics, following Todd Henry’s podcast. Take some time off during the day to reflect and think about your values — what does your operating system look like? In the two recent posts, I shared two of my values: wonder and imagine. Today, I’ll describe …

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