Question Stream?

When was the last time you had a question, and you stopped to think about it or just left it hanging? Are we obsessively rushing to find answers instead of enjoying the unknown? Is the need for answers an addiction? Which leaves more room for imagination and creativity: questions or answers? How about trying to …

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habit zero #120

the challenge   I’d like to use today’s entry and the following two to reflect on three insights I had following a podcast by Todd Henry. As always, it starts with a challenge. In one of his Daily Creative episodes (a great show, by the way), Todd discussed the importance of defining (and keep practicing) …

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Get Lost

When was the last time you got lost? It’s 5:30 AM. I am walking in an empty street in Tel-Aviv with a camera, as I have been doing at least once a week in the past ten years. Tel-Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, but on a global scale, it’s tiny. Its area …

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Ask any of my friends and colleagues, and they tell you exactly how much I like to plan things. A new project? Let’s plan it! A major task? Let’s break it into smaller ones. A business trip? The agenda must be closed weeks before. Ask my family, and they will gladly confirm it too: a …

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The Magic Button

Imagine having a magic button in your brain. A button you can push to open your mind and effectively start learning and memorizing new things. Imagine you can do one simple thing before you go into class, or before you approach a new task at work, that will make you perform better (and enjoy it more …

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