habit zero #106

the challenge   [TENSION] The Seed we are playing with today is Tension. And the game I experimented with is drawing an Insight instead of exploring for one in the external world. my insight   When I thought about addressing a few of the Habit Zero challenges by drawing an Insight, I thought about the …

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habit zero #104

the challenge   A few days ago when I launched Habit Zero Vol. II, I promised myself to experiment with things that don’t come natural to me. One such thing is drawing. Drawing is not something I do. Period. I’m not good at it. Maybe this is the reason I am avoiding it. Or, it …

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habit zero #019

the challenge   Today we are about to play with a Maker Prism — a Prism challenging us not just to explore and capture but also to create something. If you feel the upcoming challenge is somewhat childish that’s great! One of the important things we are aiming for is to recreate the way we …

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