Back to School

It’s that time of the year again. Whether you are a teacher or a parent (and obviously if you are a child), there’s that excitement in the air: a new school year is starting. This year, in many places worldwide, the excitement of a new school year is mixed with uncertainty and changes. In the …

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Future-Ready Education

It seemed like the reasonable thing to do at first: introducing more technology in schools. It was also pretty cool. A dedicated classroom equipped with personal computers was a natural decision — we want our children to be ready for the future, don’t we? Next came the iPads, or Chromebooks, or regular laptops. And along …

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Imagination On Hold

If you have kids or if you are working with kids, chances are you intuitively know what Dr. George Land found in his research: we are all born creative. Imagination is not merely an ability we all have. As young children, imagination is an essential part of our lives. Imagination, combined with observation, is how …

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seempli v2.5: Your Creativity Toolbox

It’s springtime here in Israel, and this makes a perfect time to launch the latest updated of seempli. We took this opportunity to redesign the navigation in our platform around what you are aiming to achieve when you work with seempli. So, without further ado, this is seempli v2.5:

Summer Time

If you ask me what is the one thing I remember from any of my summer vacations, it would be the anticipation. More than I remember the vacation itself, I remember the feeling of waiting for it. I can just feel the excitement as if something new and unknown was about to begin. For an …

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The Magic Button

Imagine having a magic button in your brain. A button you can push to open your mind and effectively start learning and memorizing new things. Imagine you can do one simple thing before you go into class, or before you approach a new task at work, that will make you perform better (and enjoy it more …

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