habit zero #003

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the challenge     My day started with a lot of things on my mind. The minute I woke up I found myself thinking about several things in parallel. It literally gave me a headache. Not an optimal starting point for the day. I picked a random creative challenge from the Master Your Creativity channel and got the Exploration Prism we are already familiar with and the Unbox Seed. This is somewhat of a cryptic Seed when you first see it. When I saw it this morning my first thought was “what was I thinking???”

Beware of What You Wish For

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Asking my children to do something about the mess in their rooms is pretty much a common ritual in our house. My wife and me find ourselves puzzled ever too often with the amount of stuff our children have managed to collect over the years and their unique approach toward dealing with it: leaving it where it was last used. Luckily, “where it was last used” is confined in most cases to their own rooms. So, the ritual start with a request, and then a protest, and then some nagging, and eventually (one day or one week later) they do us all the favor of realizing that cleaning up the mess will take them less effort than dealing with the infinite nagging. Eventually, their rooms look decent (read: you can actually see the floor or the desk). But to our unsurprising surprise, it takes less than a week for the exact same level of mess to reappear magically.

The Flow-Oriented Approach to Effectiveness

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The world is obsessed with productivity. Everyone wants more for less. We measure our productivity, compare it, stressed by it, and eventually, we are alienated by the never-ending pursuit of being more productive. Some have already moved forward to a better way of looking at the “more for less” issue by bringing effectiveness to the front and ditching the simplified more for less mindset. To use the term effectiveness, well, effectively, Stephen Covey defined it as the ability to achieve desired results at a given time while improving our capability to produce even better results in the future. The beauty of this definition is that it aims to balance the short term – the desired results in a specified time – with the longer term – our ability to improve over time.

Habit 0

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“Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.”                                                                                                                — Stephen Covey   A few years ago I participated in a workshop based on Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. My initial reaction when the workshop began was that I had read it all before in one form or the other. And yet, it was not long before something happened. It was probably a magical combination of the powerful way the messages were communicated and that right point of time in my life when I was ready to absorb it. Whatever it was, it set the wheels in motion, and eventually, has affected (and still is) so many aspects of my life. In a sense, the concept of seempli was seeded in that workshop. In retrospect, all the pieces of the puzzle were there in my mind before that. But it … Read More