habit zero #044

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge     Today we are playing with a ReShape Seed — a Seed with an abstract shape on it, instead of a textual trigger. ReShape Seeds don’t have a title — at least not formally. This gives more room (or at least a different room) for interpretation. Looking for Insights based on a shape triggers different connections in our brain. Let’s see what treasures this will lead us to… my insight   My first association when I first saw the shape on the Seed was that of chopsticks. Well, chopsticks with a sushi roll between them, if you would like to be more specific. But while this is a nice association to play with, it is limiting. The whole point of a ReShape Seed is using the shape — not a textual interpretation of it — as the trigger for the creative exploration activity. So, I forced myself to put the chopsticks idea aside, and focus on the shape. This is the Insight I captured some time later. This might require some explanation: how is that associated with the Seed. Well, these cardboard cylinders caught my eyes even before I thought of the Seed. But a second later … Read More