Introducing: Daily Creativity

Lidor WyssockyBlog

Creativity is deceiving. On the one hand, we are all born creatives. Our mind is wired to be creative. It is programmed with the core skills — our creative muscles — required to explore, discover, wonder, imagine and create a new reality. These statements are backed up by research, but it is enough to watch children play and create to see the foundations of Creativity in action. On the other hand, Creativity cannot be turned on and off with a flip of a switch. Most of us are far less creative as adults than we were as kids. It is a gradual decline that is never apparent in real-time. When we do need to be creative — when we face a real challenge that calls for an innovative solution, or when an opportunity we should actively seize and follow passes by — our creative muscles might not be in optimal shape. Like our physical muscles, if we don’t use our creative skills regularly, they will degenerate. To realize our creative potential, Creativity must be practiced daily. Children do it naturally. The rest of us need to actively play and shake the dust off from our creative muscles to turn Creativity … Read More