habit zero #151

one thing I observed   Well, more than one actually… So, here I was waiting for my bus. The road was almost empty, which is unusual for that time of day. After 20 minutes, we realized that the road is blocked and the bus will not be arriving any time soon. Opportunity. I decided to …

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habit zero #135

the challenge   Today we are playing In Reverse — an open invitation to look around us and capture anything that we find interesting. Then, we will use the Insight we capture to come up with a new Seed — one we can play with in the future. Here’s what I came up with. my …

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habit zero #109

the challenge   We are on a special assignment today. What seems to be a super-open challenge has, in fact, a very concrete goal: to make someone smile. How? By taking a single photo and showing it to them. Whether it is a photo of yourself, or of something you see, or something you create… …

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habit zero #046

the challenge   Every now and then I play with a seempli eXperience instead of a creative challenge. Experiences are essential to creativity. They provide raw material for creation, for new thoughts and ideas, and for surprising connections. The major difference between playing with an eXperience and a creative exploration play mode is that we …

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habit zero #008

Drawing by Etamar Wyssocky  the challenge   Today I decided to do something different. Instead of picking a Prism and a Seed, I played with a seempli eXperience card.

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