The Nature of Things

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creative Challenge

When you look mindfully at things, you often realize they as simple as they might look at first. Today we are going to look for chaos in structure.

Creative Listening

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creative Challenge

The Seed we are playing with today is a very special one. It is not just an invitation to explore and connect to the world around us, but also to connect with someone by mindfully listening to them.

Future-Ready Education

Lidor WyssockyBlog

It seemed like the reasonable thing to do at first: introducing more technology in schools. It was also pretty cool. A dedicated classroom equipped with personal computers was a natural decision — we want our children to be ready for the future, don’t we? Next came the iPads, or Chromebooks, or regular laptops. And along with them new initiatives promoting Ed-Tech showed up by Apple, and Google, and Microsoft. Schools don’t have plenty of resources, so they appreciate any help. And when it comes with the coolness factor, it’s even better.

Lost Islands

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creative Challenge

Unless you are literally on an island now, it is trivial to imagine finding an island just looking around you. Today, this is exactly what we are aiming for.

Waterless Ocean

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creative Challenge

You know how sometimes things make little sense on first look and then just fall into place? Today, we will find around us something that sounds impossible. How? By letting our imagination take the lead.