The Element of Surprise (or the Next-Gen Kindle)

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If you follow the seempli Daily Creative Challenge, chances are you came across The Next Kindle challenge. Based on the Next-Gen Prism we defined the following challenge: think of an upgrade or a redesign of the Kindle. As inspiration, we picked a random seempli Seed, and this is what we got:

The Next Kindle

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creative Challenge

We had so much fun with The Twin Keyboard two days ago that we just had to go for another round of Next Gen. But today we are going to limit ourselves to a specific device. Today we are going for a fresh take on… the Kindle. And we are going to use the Flood Seed for inspiration.

The Twin Keyboard

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creative Challenge

Today we are going to do something different. Instead of just exploring the world for Insights we are going to actually change it. Today we are playing with the Next Gen Prism and the Twins Seed.