The Playful Manifesto

Every now and then I come across an article about the cool Google offices. Sometimes it is in a design magazine, and sometimes I read it in a tech magazine. And it makes me envy! It is always so colorful and playful. It is inviting. It seems like the perfect environment to nurture creativity. It …

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Pixel Love

If you play with seempli on a regular basis, you might feel by now that some Seeds are more challenging than others. This feeling is of course 100% subjective. A Seed you may find easy to imagine and associate with might be more challenging to others, and vice versa. You might have also noticed that …

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Space Invaders

Remember Space Invaders? One of the first arcade games that since became the symbol of an era. I can still remember the real stress when those coarse-pixelated-allegedly-animated spaceships closed in on what must have been my base station (but existed only in my imagination). It was nothing like the hyper-realistic games which are common today. …

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Food for Creativity

Every creative process requires some input – some raw material. Nothing can be created from void. Any creation, any original thought, any dream, vision, hope, desire, and feeling is a product of hundreds, thousands, or millions of bits of information, experience, memories, things we saw, smelled, or touched. Our mind is a like a grand …

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Let the Games Begin

The past couple of weeks were as exciting as they were busy. The result is taking seempli to a whole new level. But let’s start from the beginning…

The Seempli Lenses

By now seempli includes dozens of seeds, each can be used as a pair of glasses to see a unique detail or dimension of the world around us. Each of the seempli seeds is self-contained. There’s no particular order for using the seeds. Picking up a random seed has an element of surprise to it – it’s …

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Spice Up Your Calendar

A new Jewish year is about to start in two weeks. The school year is just days away. So this time of the year is a great opportunity to invite you to open your calendar and spice it up with the new line of seempli events.

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