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Today, I am excited to launch the latest addition to the seempli Platform: seempli Spots™. But instead of just telling you what seempli Spots are and how they fit into our creativity platform, please allow me to start with just how the concept for seempli Spots was conceived. Like many others, I spend a significant part of August with my family on vacation. The highlight of our vacation was a trip to London, which I hadn’t visited for far too long. If you follow Habit Zero and this blog, you already saw some of the insights from this trip. It was the best time ever, full of music, theatre, art, great food, and just wandering in the streets, exploring places, people, and unfamiliar things. For someone whose motto is “observe and explore,” these eight days were a feast of discoveries and insights. I took so many photos and notes I will need some time to process it all. Now, please don’t laugh, but with all these experiences in mind, one of the things I loved most in London was the Tube. From the iconic design of its map to its remarkable efficiency. From the variety of people you meet to … Read More

habit zero #096

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the challenge   Today we are back in a creative exploration assignment, and this time we are looking for Insights inspired by the Checkmate Seed.

All Hands

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The weekend is a great time to do something fun with friends and family. So gather around and let’s create something together.

The Playful Manifesto

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Every now and then I come across an article about the cool Google offices. Sometimes it is in a design magazine, and sometimes I read it in a tech magazine. And it makes me envy! It is always so colorful and playful. It is inviting. It seems like the perfect environment to nurture creativity. It is dreamlike, and as such, it becomes the dream of many people. So many others try (or at least strive) to imitate it, or even create an even more impressive working space.

Pixel Love

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If you play with seempli on a regular basis, you might feel by now that some Seeds are more challenging than others. This feeling is of course 100% subjective. A Seed you may find easy to imagine and associate with might be more challenging to others, and vice versa. You might have also noticed that the more challenging you feel a Seed is, the more rewarding it is to capture an Insight inspired by it. 

Space Invaders

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Remember Space Invaders? One of the first arcade games that since became the symbol of an era. I can still remember the real stress when those coarse-pixelated-allegedly-animated spaceships closed in on what must have been my base station (but existed only in my imagination). It was nothing like the hyper-realistic games which are common today. Simple as it was, it relied, without us realizing it, on our imagination. Nothing on the screen in front of us could have made such an impact without our imagination filling in the details.

Food for Creativity

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Every creative process requires some input – some raw material. Nothing can be created from void. Any creation, any original thought, any dream, vision, hope, desire, and feeling is a product of hundreds, thousands, or millions of bits of information, experience, memories, things we saw, smelled, or touched. Our mind is a like a grand machine taking all this raw material, filtering it, disassembling it, reconstructing it again, until something new is created.

Let the Games Begin

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The past couple of weeks were as exciting as they were busy. The result is taking seempli to a whole new level. But let’s start from the beginning…

The Seempli Lenses

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By now seempli includes dozens of seeds, each can be used as a pair of glasses to see a unique detail or dimension of the world around us. Each of the seempli seeds is self-contained. There’s no particular order for using the seeds. Picking up a random seed has an element of surprise to it – it’s exciting and challenging. Picking up a random seed and not looking for a specific one, brings the real edge to improving your observational skills and creativity. But sometimes, you may want to focus on a particular level of observation. This is where the seempli lenses become useful.

Spice Up Your Calendar

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A new Jewish year is about to start in two weeks. The school year is just days away. So this time of the year is a great opportunity to invite you to open your calendar and spice it up with the new line of seempli events.