habit zero #146

one thing I observed   So, obviously, getting lost was only the first of many Insights from my short time in London. Some of them don’t have anything to do with London, except that I found them there, and that I was more observant than usual. And the Insight above is an excellent example of

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habit zero #143

one thing I observed   I found this lovely street art near a grand parking lot in Tel-Aviv. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the artist name, but these amazingly simple abstract figures are practically scattered all around the southern parts of the city. Typically, they are much smaller, but this couple was seen from quite a

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habit zero #089

reflection   Yesterday, I concluded my reflection on the Insights I had captured with the following statement: Don’t judge your abstractions by evaluating their validity. Use them to capture creative Insights. If some of these Insights work — use them. And with that cryptic message I promised a follow-up today. So, here’s the thing…

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