habit zero #146

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one thing I observed   So, obviously, getting lost was only the first of many Insights from my short time in London. Some of them don’t have anything to do with London, except that I found them there, and that I was more observant than usual. And the Insight above is an excellent example of that. I found this Spiderman hat in the Tower of London, and maybe this adds some nice background story to the Insight. But what caught my eye is the clash between the old and the modern, and between the seriousness of the place and the lightness of this hat. But above all, when you ignore the context, the background story, and the fact that this is just a hat, this frame just happen to look like a scene from a Spiderman movie. Can you imagine Spiderman escaping this chamber? Or maybe, this bright light is a portal to another dimension in the Spider-Verse? one thing I thought of   Take two totally unrelated objects and put them together in the same frame, and magic can happen. Somehow, the interaction (and sometimes tension) between two objects (or an object and a context) even if placed arbitrarily … Read More

habit zero #143

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

one thing I observed   I found this lovely street art near a grand parking lot in Tel-Aviv. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the artist name, but these amazingly simple abstract figures are practically scattered all around the southern parts of the city. Typically, they are much smaller, but this couple was seen from quite a distance. But it was only when I got closer that I saw the black motorcycle decorating the scene. It was a perfect addition to the frame. In fact, it added a kind of a background story to it. It gave the figures a new context. Are they lovers running away? Is one of them about to ride into the sunset, leaving the other behind? What do you think? one thing I thought of   It’s amazing how an ordinary detail — something you see or even use every day — can spice up an idea or something you are creating. The accidental (or intentional) addition of the motorcycle above, gave this artwork a new life and more than one possible new meanings. If it were replaced with a different object, the story would have changed. The same idea can be applied to areas other than … Read More

habit zero #107

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Today we are playing with a ReShape Seed, which means we will use a visual trigger for exploration instead of a textual one. What discoveries are ahead? Let’s play and see.

habit zero #089

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

reflection   Yesterday, I concluded my reflection on the Insights I had captured with the following statement: Don’t judge your abstractions by evaluating their validity. Use them to capture creative Insights. If some of these Insights work — use them. And with that cryptic message I promised a follow-up today. So, here’s the thing…

seempli v2.5: Your Creativity Toolbox

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It’s springtime here in Israel, and this makes a perfect time to launch the latest updated of seempli. We took this opportunity to redesign the navigation in our platform around what you are aiming to achieve when you work with seempli. So, without further ado, this is seempli v2.5: