habit zero #132

the challenge   Today we are playing Total Recall. You challenge is to pick a visual Insight (or any other photo for that matter) you’ve captured in the past and write a short story or a poem inspired by it. Note that you shouldn’t describe what really happened in the scene you’ve captured. Just use …

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habit zero #124

the challenge   We are on a creative exploration today, and our target is Carbon. Capture as many Insights inspired by the Seed throughout the day and come back to this post later today for some reflection. Let’s play!

Layered Creativity

It starts with an empty wall. At least, it appears to be empty. Created from bricks or cement, it is bound to have a texture and possibly some paint strokes on it. They might not be apparent at first, but they are there. Then, just before the night turns into the morning when the streets …

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Crossing Boundaries

Wherever we look there are borders and boundaries. They can be geometrical or political; ideological or physical; they can be real and tangible or imaginary; they can be boundaries between objects and spaces or between people. Not all boundaries are meant to be crossed, but crossing some of them is an opportunity to explore, imagine, …

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