habit zero #120

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the challenge   I’d like to use today’s entry and the following two to reflect on three insights I had following a podcast by Todd Henry. As always, it starts with a challenge. In one of his Daily Creative episodes (a great show, by the way), Todd discussed the importance of defining (and keep practicing) your ethics. These are the values that define you — the values you wish to practice in everything you do and in every interaction you have. It is part of your operating system.

habit zero #106

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   [TENSION] The Seed we are playing with today is Tension. And the game I experimented with is drawing an Insight instead of exploring for one in the external world. my insight   When I thought about addressing a few of the Habit Zero challenges by drawing an Insight, I thought about the technical aspects of drawing. I didn’t give much thought to the process of internal exploration: deciding what to draw. You can first look around you, find something inspired by the Seed, and draw it, but today, I chose a different process: I closed my eyes and searched internally for something inspired by Tension. And this is what I saw: I was surprised by the association. Verbally, a kite is not the first thing I would have thought of as an association for Tension. And yet, this was the first image my mind generated as a response to the Seed. More specifically, I zoomed in on the kite’s string, stretching from the ground. While drawing the kite, I thought about the tension between the kite trying to get higher and farther and the person holding it, controlling it. I thought about the tension between my dreams … Read More

habit zero #073

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Today I was looking for Insights inspired by the Misalignment Seed, but unexpectedly, the Insight I captured in the outer world was just the trigger for some introspection.


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A few years ago, during one of my photo walks, I came across an ordinary WC sign with abstract man and woman figures. They were standing by each other as if they want to get closer, to hold hands, but they couldn’t. From a distance, they seemed white, but as I got closer, I noticed they are dirty, maybe even burnt, as if they had a pretty rough time. I took my camera out, and as I pointed it to the two flat figures I started to hear inside my head one of my favorite songs: Romeo and Juliet.