habit zero #108

the challenge   Today we will dive into a new playground — one we didn’t play in till now: a book. The Pulp Fiction Prim sends you to explore a fiction book you are reading (or one you read recently) and use the Seed as a trigger for gaining a new Insight about the story.

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habit zero #095

the challenge   Our mission today involves taking a walk in memory lane using a family album. Can you imagine creative Insights hiding among your old photos? Well, it’s a perfect playground for our creative challenge and an opportunity to see things we haven’t notice before (or just see things differently). The Seed we are

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habit zero #021

the challenge   Memory Lane is a Seed with more than a title — it includes some instructions. In this case I should capture an Insight inspired by a childhood memory. With this Seed I got a Constraint Prism instructing me to make sure the Insight I capture uses lighting as an important element in

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habit zero #002

the challenge   It’s 6AM and the challenge I got today is based on the Technicolor Prism. The guidelines are simple: I should capture an Insight based on the color of the Seed card while ignoring its text. That’s not the default play-mode with seempli, and that’s exactly why this is going to be interesting.

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The Magic Button

Imagine having a magic button in your brain. A button you can push to open your mind and effectively start learning and memorizing new things. Imagine you can do one simple thing before you go into class, or before you approach a new task at work, that will make you perform better (and enjoy it more

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