habit zero #116

reflection   I want to use this weekend to pause our daily creative challenge “routine” for some reflection. We will do that from time to time, and as we will soon see, this by itself is an essential part of Habit Zero — of the creative habit. In his latest article, Larry Robertson reminds us …

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habit zero #086

the challenge   Our weekend creative exploration challenge is focused on Fingerprints. As often happens, what starts with a metaphorical line of thought, ends up with a very concrete Insight, which is why it is often very surprising. The Insight I captured today was indeed surprisingly literal!

habit zero #062

the challenge   What does going in circles have to do with chopsticks? This is what we will try to find out today. We are playing with the Going in Circles Prism which adds a constraint to our creative exploration: the Insights we capture must include circles. And the Seed we will play with is …

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habit zero #010

the challenge   If you are following habitzero and taking an active part in this journey, there’s a good chance that by now you have realized that there are amazing things everywhere and that anything can be an inspiration. We are using a daily creative challenge as a trigger or a driver to look around …

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The Janitor

I was working in an office building a couple of years ago. It was a regular building, with all the facilities you might expect an office building to have: a coffee machine, always ready to serve the next cup of coffee; a Xerox machine ready with A4 sheets; a clean refrigerator where you can store you …

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