habit zero #093

the challenge   It’s a perfect sunny day here in Israel, despite the low morning temperature. So, it is a great opportunity to go out on a short hike in nature. I am taking with me the Dr. Seuss Seed, and with this quote on it, surprises are guaranteed!

habit zero #087

the challenge   What could be more natural than finding an animal in nature? Well, today we are on an exploration assignment in nature. But, since the Seed we got is really tightly coupled with the playground we are visiting, let’s make things more interesting. Let’s look for things pretending to be animals.

habit zero #066

the challenge   The Seed we will play with today is one of the first Seeds I added to seempli. The Wild Style Seed seems so trivial that you might wonder why is it a creative challenge. And you might be right. It’s way deeper than that. It’s a challenge in reconnecting to things that …

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habit zero #048

the challenge   The Seed I picked today for my creative exploration is the Chameleon Seed. The most immediate association it creates is of something that changes colors (although, as you might guess, this is just one possible association). With that in mind, I went out to observe.

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