habit zero #155

the challenge Our challenge today is combined from a Prism, a Seed, and an Insight Type — the new building block we recently introduced. The In Straight Lines Prism challenges us to capture an Insight in which straight lines play a significant role. The Insight can take any form… but the random Insight Type I …

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habit zero #154

one thing I observed   one thing I thought of   Creativity is based on our ability to see things differently, and seeing things differently is naturally associated with changing perspective. “Change your perspective” has become a motto, sometimes even a cliché, when asking people to be more creative, specifically in motivational talks and in …

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habit zero #148

one thing I observed   What is it you’re looking at, you might be wondering? Try to forget that for a second, and let yourself drown in this blue-greenish color and the mesmerizing geometric pattern. You might recognize this ceiling covering the entrance hall of the British Museum in London. I found it hypnotizing. I …

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habit zero #146

one thing I observed   So, obviously, getting lost was only the first of many Insights from my short time in London. Some of them don’t have anything to do with London, except that I found them there, and that I was more observant than usual. And the Insight above is an excellent example of …

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habit zero #087

the challenge   What could be more natural than finding an animal in nature? Well, today we are on an exploration assignment in nature. But, since the Seed we got is really tightly coupled with the playground we are visiting, let’s make things more interesting. Let’s look for things pretending to be animals.

habit zero #063

the challenge   It’s free exploration day so anything interesting that catches your eyes is by definition an Insight. But let’s not settle with that. Take some time to look at the Insights you capture in depth and find even more interesting things in each of them.

habit zero #032

the challenge   Today, we are not following a Seed. Or you could say we are following a generic Seed — the one letting us find something interesting that catches our eyes with no limitation, constraint, or trigger. It’s an invitation to observe the world with no specific intent except for being surprised or amazed …

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habit zero #022

the challenge   Today, I am on a special assignment: a creative exploration on an art museum. You might wonder why is that even a challenge. Isn’t an art museum the place to see creative work? Well, yes. But that doesn’t mean we — the viewers — don’t play an important part in the game. …

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