habit zero #152

one thing I observed   I found this magical circle of light yesterday, during my walk in Tel-Aviv. Honestly, I don’t know how people can walk by it without stopping and staring. I find it mesmerizing. The spiral chain of lights that seems to be thoughtfully arranged clashes with the sloppy pieces of tape holding …

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habit zero #144

one thing I observed   Few things can be more visually satisfying than a contrast — a conflict between two visually distinct things. When I saw this plant with this striking background, I just had to stop and capture it. The contrast is spawned across multiple dimensions: the colors, the textures, and the life and …

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habit zero #138

one thing I observed   I’ll admit it: people who see me on the street are probably thinking I’m weird. Imagine someone stopping in the middle of the road, looking down, pulling out his smartphone and photographing what to most people is nothing more than misplaced garbage. Yep, pretty strange. But for me, these leftovers …

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habit zero #127

the challenge   Yesterday we played with the Natural Order Seed. My Insight was derived from one possible interpretation of the Seed: I found order in a chaotic and random environment. But you couldn’t see this in the Insight itself since the context was not part of it. So today we will play again with …

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habit zero #084

the challenge   Today, we are looking for opposites — two things in the same frame, working perfectly together although they are opposites. It’s a loose and open definition, but this just means we have a great opportunity to surprise ourselves.

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