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habit zero #127

the challenge   Yesterday we played with the Natural Order Seed. My Insight was derived from one possible interpretation of the Seed: I found order in a chaotic and random environment. But you couldn’t see this in the Insight itself since the context was not part of it. So today we will play again with

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Performance Enabling

Organizations love to measure things. Anything. Some organizations are obsessed with measurements, and for a good reason: organizations have to be managed and, as everyone knows, if you can’t measure something you can’t manage it. Or can you? Organizations are built by people. People are the most important asset an organization has. And assets… (you

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Make Innovation a FACT

Here are a few statements I find myself saying (or repeating) on a regular basis: In your organization, anyone can be creative. Creativity is not just for “creative” professions Innovation can come from anywhere in your organization — not only from R&D Innovation should run in the organization’s bloodstream.

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