Performance Enabling

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Organizations love to measure things. Anything. Some organizations are obsessed with measurements, and for a good reason: organizations have to be managed and, as everyone knows, if you can’t measure something you can’t manage it. Or can you? Organizations are built by people. People are the most important asset an organization has. And assets… (you guessed it) have to be managed. Or more accurately: their performance has to be managed. Just like you monitor and manage the performance of your financial or real estate assets. And this is probably how the term Performance Management was coined. The next step was obvious… Soon, performance evaluation processes were routine. And with them came grading systems, tools to collect, analyze, and manage the data on your Human Capital. And while there is always some new trends, tools, or methods, the focus of many organizations remains to measure and manage the performance of their most valuable assets. Here’s the Wikipedia definition of Performance Management: Performance management (PM) includes activities which ensure that goals are consistently being met effectively and efficiently. What word do you think stands out in this definition? What caught my eye is the verb “to ensure.” Despite being associated with a … Read More