habit zero #057

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the challenge   Just in case you are following this open journal and wondering how I pick the Prism and the Seed every day, the answer is simple: it’s not me who pick them. I draw the Prism and the Seed (or Seeds) from the combinations generated by the Master Your Creativity channel. In other words, I am surprised by (and sometimes totally unprepared for) the challenge I am about to play with.

All Hands

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creative Challenge

The weekend is a great time to do something fun with friends and family. So gather around and let’s create something together.

The Playful Manifesto

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Every now and then I come across an article about the cool Google offices. Sometimes it is in a design magazine, and sometimes I read it in a tech magazine. And it makes me envy! It is always so colorful and playful. It is inviting. It seems like the perfect environment to nurture creativity. It is dreamlike, and as such, it becomes the dream of many people. So many others try (or at least strive) to imitate it, or even create an even more impressive working space.

I’m Starting to Like This Place

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What happens when you ask kids to write down what they saw in a museum? Some pretty cool stuff! Kids are masters of observing. They see the most unexpected things, or the most trivial things we are already used to ignore. Their eyes are connected to their minds in the most profound way. Anything can be used as raw material for imagining, creating, or just thinking about the world around them.

5 Things to Discover on the Way to Your Summer Vacation

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It’s the peak of the summer vacation. Do you find yourself spending hours in line waiting for various attractions? Or maybe you are spending hours in the car on the way to your favourite resort? Are you stuck for hours on a plane? Well, it’s time to turn this dead time into fun time! Here are 5 fun (re)discoveries you can make with seempli on the way to your perfect vacation alone, with your loved one, or with your entire family: