habit zero #155

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge Our challenge today is combined from a Prism, a Seed, and an Insight Type — the new building block we recently introduced. The In Straight Lines Prism challenges us to capture an Insight in which straight lines play a significant role. The Insight can take any form… but the random Insight Type I got was Sculpture. And the Seed — the trigger — I got was Cello, which, I have to admit, made the challenge easier this time because cello and straight lines really go naturally together. So, with this combined challenge in mind, I started to look for ideas… my Insight   I started by Googling photos of cellos for inspiration. Focusing on straight lines, I knew the strings will be the focus of whatever I’ll create. But among all the images I saw, I was drawn to those in which the cello was being played. It was tilted and the angles between the instrument and the musician and between the strings and the bow were fascinating. The next step was to decide how I am going to physically realize what I had in mind. I started to look around the house for things to play with. … Read More

habit zero #057

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Just in case you are following this open journal and wondering how I pick the Prism and the Seed every day, the answer is simple: it’s not me who pick them. I draw the Prism and the Seed (or Seeds) from the combinations generated by the Master Your Creativity channel. In other words, I am surprised by (and sometimes totally unprepared for) the challenge I am about to play with.

All Hands

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The weekend is a great time to do something fun with friends and family. So gather around and let’s create something together.

The Playful Manifesto

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Every now and then I come across an article about the cool Google offices. Sometimes it is in a design magazine, and sometimes I read it in a tech magazine. And it makes me envy! It is always so colorful and playful. It is inviting. It seems like the perfect environment to nurture creativity. It is dreamlike, and as such, it becomes the dream of many people. So many others try (or at least strive) to imitate it, or even create an even more impressive working space.