problem solving

Breaking Boundaries

Imagine a team of talented people working together, developing the next generation of their flagship product. They have to design and manage a change so significant it will affect all variants of their multi-platform product, and of course, it has to be ready and launched seamlessly in perfect synchronization. It is a delicate design and …

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habit zero #152

one thing I observed   I found this magical circle of light yesterday, during my walk in Tel-Aviv. Honestly, I don’t know how people can walk by it without stopping and staring. I find it mesmerizing. The spiral chain of lights that seems to be thoughtfully arranged clashes with the sloppy pieces of tape holding …

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habit zero #147

one thing I observed   I took this photo in the Natural History Museum in London, and it should be familiar enough to anyone who visited this overwhelming museum. This display, placed in the main hall of the museum, shows a collection of beetles and butterflies. Each of them might not be that unique or …

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habit zero #142

one thing I observed   one thing I thought of   One easy way to turn an everyday object to something more enigmatic, unusual, or just something that catches one’s attention is by duplicating it. Somehow, the simple act of placing two identical or nearly identical objects in the same frame makes us stop for …

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habit zero #128

the challenge   Today, we will focus on taking a closer look at things. Throughout our creative exploration, we aim to observe and see things differently. But when I say “take a close look” today, I mean it literally: throughout the day, our creative Insights should be based on a close-up view. When we look …

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habit zero #003

the challenge     My day started with a lot of things on my mind. The minute I woke up I found myself thinking about several things in parallel. It literally gave me a headache. Not an optimal starting point for the day. I picked a random creative challenge from the Master Your Creativity channel …

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Creative Break

What should I write about next? I want to write. I feel an urge to. But this question just keep spinning in my mind and the more I’m thinking about it, the less apparent the answer is… We are always thinking about something. Most of us are in any case. Most of the time we …

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