2020 Year in Review

One statement that appears in every 2020 Year in Review post is that this was a year like no other. Twelve months ago, nobody could have imagined the rollercoaster this year would be and still is. It gave the phrase that I like so much, “expect the unexpected,” an epic twist that literally affected each …

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habit zero #130

the challenge   Today, we are going on a creative exploration with the Broken Seed. Look for things which are broken either on the surface or only when you examine them carefully. Later when reflecting on the Insight you captured, try to think about how it can be used as a metaphor for something else, …

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habit zero #098

the challenge     We are just two days away from reaching Day 100. Time flies when you see the world differently 🙂 Today, we are playing with the Connect the Dots Seed. Will you take it literally? Will you use it metaphorically? It’s up to you.

habit zero #068

the challenge   Yesterday I played with this ReShape Seed and somehow I was drawn to finding things which are visually similar to the shape. I wanted to do more with this Seed, so today I will use it for some reflection using the Inner Eye Prism. Instead of looking around for an Insight, I …

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habit zero #050

reflection   It’s the fiftieth entry in my open creative journal, and this is a great opportunity to reflect on the past seven weeks. In the introduction to Habit Zero I wrote that creativity must be practiced and experienced — you must turn it into a habit if you want to make the most of …

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