Creative Listening

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The Seed we are playing with today is a very special one. It is not just an invitation to explore and connect to the world around us, but also to connect with someone by mindfully listening to them.

See People Differently

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If you are a parent to a teenager, chances are you spend at least part of your time in what seems to be an endless “dialogue” about things that “need to be done” or things that “are useless and take too much time.” If you are a parent to a teenager, chances are you already know that if you consider these “dialogues” ineffective, your partner to these conversations is probably experiencing them as a total waste of time.

Reality Check

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I walk down an unnaturally empty street. I hear nothing but my footsteps. It’s hot and foggy. I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. Suddenly I hear a familiar voice, singing. The singing is not clear at first. I can barely understand the words. But as I walk further, I start to smile. The music is coming from one of the apartments facing the street. I can’t tell which one. It sounds old and scratchy, like a good memory. I can imagine an old gramophone playing it. The sun is suddenly peeking through the fog and the street becomes bright. As faint arcs of color appear in the sky, a gentle female voice fills the street with a promise: “Somewhere over the rainbow…” We live in a strange age. We are surrounded by technology that makes everything so efficient and immediate. Tasks that took us hours just a few years ago are now just a swipe away. We should have had tons of spare time thanks to this overwhelming efficiency. This era should have been a perfect opportunity for us to reconnect. No, I don’t mean reconnecting to the nearest hotspot or the latest cool app. What I mean … Read More

Change Your Perspective

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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”                                                                                                                                 – Albert Einstein How many times have your heard the sentence “you’ve got to change your perspective”? At work, in relationships, or in the context of finding a creative solution to a problem, changing your perspective almost always guarantees surprising positive results. But how does one perform this magic? How can we simply change our perspective, especially if the original perspective is so rooted in our minds?