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I love to observe. Observing, though it may sound passive, requires a lot of focus and energy. First, you need to overcome the natural tendency of your brain to gravitate toward immediate goals and toward the known and familiar. When you are walking to the office, for example, your mind is focused on getting to your destination. Everything else is, by default, less important. And then there are the modern distractions in the form of repeated notifications from our smart-devices — notifications that grant our mind immediate rewards, and gradually create a real, chemical addiction. So mindfully observing the world is far from being trivial. Exploring the world around you and seeing everything as the inspiration requires deliberate, repeated work until it becomes a habit. When seempli was launched, this was my first and immediate goal: to help people be more mindful and observant. I realized that this skill is essential if we wish to realize our creative potential. Observing the world was a lever to being more creative. And that’s why the basic seempli gameplay — the one captured in the Exploration Prism — was focused on observing and capturing what you find. As a photographer, the connection between … Read More

habit zero #122

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   We’re on a three-day quest for defining our ethics, following Todd Henry’s podcast. Take some time off during the day to reflect and think about your values — what does your operating system look like? In the two recent posts, I shared two of my values: wonder and imagine. Today, I’ll describe the third layer of my operating system.

habit zero #121

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   Yesterday, I dedicated the daily entry to the first word that defines my values — my ethics, as Todd Henry calls it. This is my operating system. At least this is what I aspire it to be. Today’s entry is dedicated to its second layer.

habit zero #120

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge   I’d like to use today’s entry and the following two to reflect on three insights I had following a podcast by Todd Henry. As always, it starts with a challenge. In one of his Daily Creative episodes (a great show, by the way), Todd discussed the importance of defining (and keep practicing) your ethics. These are the values that define you — the values you wish to practice in everything you do and in every interaction you have. It is part of your operating system.

habit zero #001

Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

the challenge     My creative challenge for today is based on the Exploration Prism. It is a creative observation exercise which I can do throughout the day — it is a great way to turn dead-time into fun, creative time.


Lidor WyssockyHabit Zero

A lot has been said and written about creativity. There are many articles and posts covering so many aspects of it. From how inherent creativity is to the way our mind is designed, to how fast creativity deteriorates as we grow up. From how to build a culture of creativity, to how easy it is to demote innovation in a business organization. From posts with practical advice and tips, to in-depth books trying to crack down the mystery of being creative.


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A special creative challenge is ahead — guaranteed to make your day brighter. This challenge is all about you and the things that make you happy!