habit zero #125

the challenge   It’s open creative exploration day, so look out for anything unusual — anything that catches your attention would make excellent raw material for imagining and reflecting.

habit zero #078

the challenge   The world is full of patterns. What could be easier than that to find? So our challenge today is not just to find an Insight with a pattern in it. Our challenge is to find a pattern that surprises us.

habit zero #053

the challenge   We are traveling to the seventies today with the Disco Seed. Open your eyes and look around you because we are about to have the time of our life.


Ask any of my friends and colleagues, and they tell you exactly how much I like to plan things. A new project? Let’s plan it! A major task? Let’s break it into smaller ones. A business trip? The agenda must be closed weeks before. Ask my family, and they will gladly confirm it too: a …

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