Daily Creativity #0009

Lidor WyssockyDaily Creativity

Every day we play with a creative challenge. What we create doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We aim to stretch our creative muscles, be playful, and have fun! Every day we take a little journey with some unexpected turns. That’s the beauty of creativity. If you just let it, it will fill you with wonder. The Challenge Our creative challenge today is made of the following set. If you are familiar with the creomondi building blocks, use the set to explore, imagine, and create. Alternatively, read how we played with it for inspiration first. The Playground We Will Explore The Seed We Will Use in our Exploration And We Are Aiming to Create… Let’s Play Our Playground today is unlimited. We seek inspiration for a Drawing wherever we go, and to help us tune into specific things, we shall use the Symbiotic Seed. I went on a walk with the Seed in mind. Creative exploration is always surprising. You can come across something you know very well, but with a specific Seed as your magical glasses, it gets a new meaning or sparks a unique insight. And this living wall was exactly something like … Read More