habit zero #134

the challenge   It’s been quite a while since the last Habit Zero entry. If you are wondering why, I invite you to visit TheCreativityOS.com and start reading a new project I am working on in parallel. So, today, we have a special treat with a fun Maker Prism. Instead of creative exploration, the Tick …

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habit zero #111

the challenge   Our creative challenge for today is to invent a new word. As simple as that. With the Dictionary Prim, our goal is to use a Seed as an inspiration for a new entry in the dictionary. And the random Seed I got is from the seempli ReShape collection. Let’s give it a …

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habit zero #103

the challenge   Today we take our creative practice to the kitchen. Our assignment when playing with the Sous Chef Prism is to create an Insight using things we can find in the kitchen. What things? Well, practically anything, as long as it is in your kitchen. And the outcome of this challenge is as …

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habit zero #061

the challenge     Today we are following Einstein in a search for Insight inspired by the person, concepts related to his work, or any other association that will come to mind along the way. Let’s see what surprising Insights we will find.

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