2020 Year in Review

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One statement that appears in every 2020 Year in Review post is that this was a year like no other. Twelve months ago, nobody could have imagined the rollercoaster this year would be and still is. It gave the phrase that I like so much, “expect the unexpected,” an epic twist that literally affected each and every person on earth in one way or the other. It might be tempting to skip reflecting on this year, our goals, and where we stand because many of us feel we didn’t have much control over what has happened. I believe this undeniable fact just makes the retrospective this year more relevant than ever. Extreme conditions and radical changes in so many aspects of our lives can shed new light on how we operate and what is most important. And this is true for individuals and organizations alike. I would like to use this opportunity to reflect on how seempli has evolved in the past year. It is an opportunity to recap the new developments, features, and content we introduced this year. But this is also an excellent opportunity for me to explore the delicate balance between setting concrete goals and defining an … Read More

habit zero #082

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A new year is starting today. Everyone seems occupied with summaries and predictions, analysis and decisions. It’s a classic time to look ahead, to come up with some New Year’s resolutions. And maybe forget all about them tomorrow. We love such dates — such milestones. We are embracing this opportunity to reflect and direct our life. Or maybe we are glad we can do it one day a year and get it over with. Or we are just doing what everyone else seems to do. A new year is starting today and for many it will be a re-run of the previous one. Unless…

The Flow-Oriented Approach to Effectiveness

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The world is obsessed with productivity. Everyone wants more for less. We measure our productivity, compare it, stressed by it, and eventually, we are alienated by the never-ending pursuit of being more productive. Some have already moved forward to a better way of looking at the “more for less” issue by bringing effectiveness to the front and ditching the simplified more for less mindset. To use the term effectiveness, well, effectively, Stephen Covey defined it as the ability to achieve desired results at a given time while improving our capability to produce even better results in the future. The beauty of this definition is that it aims to balance the short term – the desired results in a specified time – with the longer term – our ability to improve over time.

Imagine That…

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Almost three years ago, when seempli was conceived, I sat down in front of a blank screen and tried to define my vision. The concept of seempli was clear to me then almost as it is today, and my mission was also more or less defined. But when I tried to imagine where seempli would be in five years I found myself using a vague, or should I say somewhat abstract, description. A lot has happened since then. seempli evolved to the extent it now includes thousands of creative challenges; the platform has become more mature; the concept at the foundation of seempli has become more holistic, and our community is continually growing. Along this road, our vision became clearer and more vivid than ever. And today I would like to share it with you.