To Win or not to Win

Lidor WyssockyBlog

How often do you hear the phrase “let’s think win-win”? How often are you using the phrase “we must operate in a win-win mode”? How rare are the cases where both sides feel they have won after the fact? Win-win is often considered a mindset: we need to adopt it – we are expected to think win-win is not only a valid option, but it is the best and most effective option. And in many cases, that is actually the case: win-win is indeed the most effective mindset… but only if you manage to realize it. Here’s the thing: adopting a win-win mindset is an essential starting point, but without understanding how to generate this mutual win, it will always remain a mindset. Without coming up with a practical understanding of how each side can benefit from the project or the joint venture, the road to frustration and disappointment is super-short.