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habit zero #139

one thing I observed   It’s common to find bicycles around the city. People are locking their bikes to practically anything. It is also not rare to find bicycle parts locked, like a wheel or the frame of the bikes. But this was the first time I saw not one but two wheels, placed one …

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habit zero #112

the challenge   Let me start with a confession. Sometimes I think of a Prism or a Seed, and I know they have great value even before I try them myself. And when I eventually do try them, it often starts with the words: “What was I thinking?!” Not because they don’t have value, but …

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habit zero #081

the challenge   Today we are playing with a special challenge. To start with, it is seedless. Here’s the deal: you need to pick an object — something you can actually see in front of you or maybe even pick up — and describe it as if this is the first time you see it. …

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habit zero #054

the challenge   Today is writing day, and our prompt is the Sugar Free Seed. Our assignment is to write a very short story (or any other text) inspired by the Seed.

habit zero #052

the challenge   The Prism we are playing with today is called Super Glue, and it will take us both on a creative writing assignment and on a creative exploration. The first part of the challenge is writing an ultra-short story with exactly 50 words which includes the titles of both Seeds: Time Standing Still …

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habit zero #041

the challenge   Today I decided to play a little more with the Remix Seed and the Colorize Prism. But unlike what I did yesterday, today I decided to write something instead of looking for a visual insight. So, let’s add to this mix another constraint: writing an ultra short story with exactly 50 words …

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